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50 Hours introducing teaching concepts of vinyasa yoga

We start this program off by understanding what Vinyasa Yoga is but also understanding the variations that naturally exist in the world. With a look at the basic building blocks of what is included in a vinyasa yoga class and begin to develop an understanding of the I AM Yoga methodology that includes a modern approach using neuroscience. The objective of this block is to explore the physical aspects of asanas, connecting asanas through transitions such as sun salutations, and energetic principles of yogic movements. Additionally, this block will explore non-physical aspects of yoga such as meditation, breath, and mantras.

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Intro to Vinyasa Yoga

Begin the journey of understanding the philosophy and practicality of vinyasa yoga. Its literal translation means “to place in a special way”. It is linked with the breath and usually means moving intentionally or meditatively. Includes a basic understanding of asana, pranayama, and sun salutations.

Asana Clinic 1


Learn the 25 foundational poses including modifications, enhancements, and transitions in and out of the poses. Includes poses such as: downdog, childs pose, plank, cobra, updog, easy pose, etc.

Sequencing 1


Learn how to prepare a student for poses, linking breath and movement together. Discuss and practice cueing, demonstrating poses, learn 3 versions of sun salutations, and more.



Define Meditation, understand the obstacles of western society, discuss the types of Meditation, and begin to experience teaching Meditation.

Yoga Philosophy


A discussion of the history of yoga, the 8 limbs of yoga, Patanjali and the yoga sutras, and mantras.


Attend 10 yoga classes either online or in-studio and complete a journal entry for each class. Reflect on what you learned about yourself and the teaching experience.

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Fun at Yoga

“Yoga takes you into the present moment, the only place where life exists”


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