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Warrior Two


50 Hours integrating knowledge into applicable teaching skills

In this 50-hour training, students can expect to acquire knowledge on advanced asanas, yoga class formatting, sequencing for different populations, teaching prenatal, gentle yoga, and other specialty classes, ways to assist your students in a class,  and finally anatomy and physiology for yoga.

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Yoga Class Formatting

Teaching to special populations, private yoga classes, scaling yoga classes, online yoga, and class formats such as gentle, restorative, kid's yoga, prenatal, power, etc.

Asana Clinic 3

Learn the 25 intermediate-advanced level poses including modifications, enhancements, and transitions in and out of the poses.

Sequencing 3


Practice teaching with feedback. community yoga classes, energetic alignment. Building blocks to a peak pose, the through-line, assisting (verbally and physically).

Anatomy of Yoga

Anatomical terms, concepts, application through teaching, contraindications, discuss body and movement in western anatomical terms.

Physiology of Yoga

CNS, Sympathetic and Parasympathetic System, Glandular and Hormone Systems as they relate to the relaxation response, cultivate dynamic homeostasis in students.


Attend 10 yoga classes either online or in-studio and complete a journal entry for each class. Reflect on what you learned about yourself and the teaching experience.

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“Yoga is an art and science of living.”

Indra Devi

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