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BLOCK 4 // teach.

50 Hours to prepare you to Teach.

Learning how to teach yoga takes time and experience. This training is designed for those with at least 150 hours of teacher training experience. In this block, you will learn how to design and TEACH a workshop or series of your choosing plus teach an actual group yoga class to REAL students, along with your practicum which will be teaching 3 yoga classes on your own. This block also discusses some important topics of teaching yoga such as when to step toward your students and give guidance and when to give space. Expect to learn how to teach with precision as an expert instructor.

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Workshop & Series Formatting


Learn how to instruct yoga principles in both a workshop and a series format. This module will include time to develop your own workshop or series with feedback from your facilitators.

Practice Teaching

Prepare and teach a public yoga class and submit for feedback that will be given by the training facilitators.

Teaching with Precision

Learn when to teach and when to let students experience the class. We will also discuss how to incorporate music, themes, give homework assignments, and enter into the yoga community prepared to instruct high-quality yoga.

Yoga As a Lifestyle

Off the yoga mat, yoga is a powerful way to live each day. Learn more about avidya (misconceptions), the 5 states of the mind, and many more avenues that yoga may influence a human being in the world beyond a studio.



Teach yoga classes on your own and gather feedback from the attendees. Write a four-page essay about the experience.


Attend 10 yoga classes either online or in-studio and complete a journal entry for each class. Reflect on what you learned about yourself and the teaching experience.

BLOCK 1 // begin.: List

"However powerful or disturbing something may appear to be, it is our reaction to it that determines its effect.

T.K.V. Desikachar

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