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I AM Yoga School is solely a postsecondary school. 


  1. Must be 18 years of age or older. 

  2. High school diploma (a high school transcript will be accepted as an alternative). 



  1. At least one year of consistent yoga practice with a yoga teacher in public/private classes.

  2. An open mind and desire to learn how to teach vinyasa yoga. 

  3. Physically able to participate in a minimum of 80% of the physical yoga practice.  


Prepare for Training

  1. Complete online application

  2. Purchase books that will be required reading throughout the training but are not included in the tuition fee. 


Complete Enrollment

  1. Read over the school catalog and policies thoroughly for program expectations. 

  2. Sign enrollment agreement.

  3. Once approved, pay deposit and choose payment option (several options ----> see payment options). 

Apply for our next training

Choose from an 8-hour module, 50-hour training block, or our entire 200-hour yoga teacher training.

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